Let’s preserve the environment together?

Your contribution is easy! Return your empty NorVita spray or gel vitamin bottle to us. We collect the resulting plastic and send it for recycling. We thank you for your small good deed on a new purchase with a discount code.

It is possible to return all plastic packaging. You can find detailed instructions for returning bottles by scrolling down.

NorVita taara tagastus


Buy a product and get a 15% discount

Buy a product in our webstore using the code ENVIRONMENT and get a 15% discount. Add the discount code in the shopping cart before making the payment and there – your discounted NorVita goodie-package will soon be on its way.


Return the package after use

Take the product from the parcel machine and keep the code of the machine with which you received the parcel. If the product has been used and you want to return the packaging, start a new RETURN operation in the parcel machine. Enter the same code that was received on the package and send your tare on its way. Don’t worry! It’s on us. Just make sure that the tare is in a paper box, envelope or even a used plastic bag. You can also return the parcel from Itella’s white parcel machine. Order a new door code here: https://my.smartpost.ee/return_parcel/


Save nature and contribute to a cleaner environment

We collect the plastic you sent and send it for recycling. Enjoy a healthier life thanks to vitamins at a good price and be proud of yourself for contributing to a cleaner environment!

NorVita D3

What do we do with your returned plastic bottles?

First, if you have already reached to step three, then good job! That shows you care about nature as much as you care about the good health of yourself and your loved ones. And just so you know, we send the plastic sent by you to the Estonian Package Recycling Center for reprocessing.

However, we are constantly developing our processes and hope to find a permanent cooperation partner in the future with whom we can come up with a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging processing solution. We will let you know when that happens. Stay tuned!

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