Our brand story

It all started with the desire to create a really effective vitamin product that would give more back to people and value what pure nature offers.

Together, it was found that the high-quality pharmaceutical industry is suppressed by endless bureaucracy and market protection, and therefore it was decided to contribute to people’s well-being by creating innovative, effective and conveniently consumed food supplements. It could be done in theory – 4 out of the five founders, Imre, Indrek, Tanel and Sander, worked in the pharmaceutical sector for many years. There they gained excellent experience in the production, development, quality and regulation of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products.

But how to market all of this? Co-founder and marketing specialist Kristi joined the company, when products were already being created, but the products did not yet have a brand nor a face. The new team member was a perfect fit, because Kristi had also gotten the idea to start working with spray vitamins while living in Australia for years, as she saw their positive effects. When Kristi returned to Estonia, two crucial poles – high-quality production and engaging marketing – came together by chance (or fate) and thus, NorVita was created.

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Summer 2019

The idea to produce innovative vitamins was born

Our health is the most important thing so that we can live a wonderful life and be there for our family and loved ones. But how to monitor it when our lifestyle tends to be insanely fast? Here’s where vitamins can help. Our team thought so too. But how to use them more effectively? By researching science and using our extensive knowledge in the field of dietary supplements, we reached to a solution with the highest quality and effectiveness – liposomal and spray vitamins.
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Spring 2020

The first products were made and the NorVita brand was launched

The idea started a long-term planning process and even more research to find out what is most important to produce the best vitamins. We developed production and found the highest quality raw materials. By finding out which vitamins are most needed, we set the primary products that we will start manufacturing. Choosing a brand name was the most difficult. For us, the idea that we are Nordic people and Nordic culture resonated, which gave rise to the company name Nordic Vitamins and thus the brand name NorVita.
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November 2020

After the initial products were completed, we started communication with distributors in Estonia and abroad

Seeing how long it takes to introduce a new brand and a completely new approach, we realized that opening our own e-store is the fastest way to reach the customer with our innovative product. So we opened an online store and started selling products. It was heartwarming to see how quickly Estonians accepted our product and shared wonderfully positive feedback. It gave us the motivation and courage to go ahead with even bigger plans.
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Spring 2021

We concluded the first cooperation partner agreements for export in Lithuania, Serbia and Ukraine

The long preparations and work finally bore fruit, and the negotiations with foreign distributors, which began in 2020, reached agreements suited well for everyone. Our products arrived abroad for the first time. We always look for long-term cooperation and a common vision in our partners, the goal of which is to raise awareness of innovative and best vitamins out there. Thus, we set no limits to ourselves and are ready for challenges around the world.
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Spring 2022

A new and larger production building is ready

As we continued to develop and the number of sales and distributors increased, our first factory started to become small. Quick searches and planning led us to the completion of a new and larger production building. The capacity of our new factory is to produce 3 million products, and if necessary, we can quickly increase this number. Thanks to the new production building, we are more flexible in our processes.
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Our mission

We value high standards and meet international quality requirements.

We are responsible for providing the best quality products – we use tested organic raw materials, the compositions of which ensure sufficient permitted minerals and vitamin activity units.

We develop new trends in both product use and health behavior, which is the introduction of novel and patented, unique products to the market, and not only to the narrow circle of professional sports, but also to a wide circle of recreational athletes and active lifestyle cultivators.

NorVita’s main goal is to create the best quality micronutrients to support our bodies with the vitamins and minerals they need. Our easy to use oral spray allows you to develop physical and mental abilities extremely effectively. It is important for us that you and your family have all the necessary minerals and vitamins when working, studying, exercising, traveling or partying. Our goal is always to give our best! Our vision is to create opportunities for people to have a valuable and an active life through scientifically verified and innovative solutions.

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NorVita Zinc

“Our mission is to provide a healthy lifestyle which is quick, easy and effective for everyone!”

NovVita Zinc

Our strengths


New technology

NorVita is a new-age nutritional supplement manufacturer that attacks everyday life problems such as fatigue, poor sleep, and mild illness by utilizing modern nutritional supplement dosing methods. These include nanosized sprays, along with buccal mucosal absorption and liposome delivery systems.


40+ years of experience in the field

The founders of NorVita have extensive experience in the principles/practices used in the pharmaceutical industry (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice). Therefore, we are confident in the top quality of our products.



We are characterized by quick adaptation to changes in the market. Thanks to the fact that we control the development, production and logistics of the products from the beginning to the end, we are able to react quickly and offer our customers the best products at an excellent price.


Northern touch

As Nordic people, we are used to cold weather and little sunlight, and we know how strongly the lack of micronutrients affects our mood, energy level, ability to concentrate and overall body function. That’s why we ourselves are the biggest fans of our products!


Our diversity is enriching

Our team is our brand – innovative, Nordic, versatile. We are all specialists in our field, but we share a common goal of helping people live healthier lives. Getting the right team in place is the basis of good work and therefore one of the most important aspects. When building our team, we have made sure that, in addition to professional competence, all members also have the same values, ambitions and attitude towards life.

Kristi Aedma

Kristi Aedma


“As a trainer and nutritionist, good health has always been important to me. Being on the NorVita team, I am able to increase people’s awareness about healthy lifestyles and how nutritional supplements can be helpful in our busy lives.”

Tanel Saul

Tanel Saul

Product development

“Product development is a big responsibility, but making a good product yourself is a pleasure. The best feeling is when a person likes a product created by the team and myself and it changes their life for the better. If you do the right things with the right people, success is guaranteed.”

Sander Murumets

Sander Murumets

Business development

“I like to say that we should talk about how things can be done, not how things can’t be done. In the NorVita team, I specialize in regulations, which means that I am responsible for the compliance of the products with all the requirements of the target market. This includes communication with both clients and government officials to align the client’s ideas with legislation. At NorVita, I am also involved in export and business client development, which includes a lot of communication at different levels, and communication with interesting people is what makes my eyes shine. My business motto is that I say what I do and then I do what I say!”

Imre Annilo

Imre Annilo


“Business must be efficient and profitable, which often means that the goal is to produce a lot of things as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, this often leads to compromises in ethics – large industrial buildings, toxic chemicals, cramped spaces and poor working conditions. My goal is to produce without harming people and the environment – ethically. Ethical products and production principles ensure that the manufacturers of products and objects have a vision, which in turn is transmitted through the product to customers. Every product has its own story to tell.”

Indrek Viirpalu

Indrek Viirpalu


“I always like to find a solution to even the most difficult problem. Be it quick material procurement or delivery to the customer. The attitude to life that somehow it will be possible has been with me for the last 20 years.”

Change does not come by itself. Try our products and find new energy in your life!

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