Questions & Answers

It is important for us that you and your family have all the necessary minerals and vitamins when working, studying, exercising, traveling or partying. Our goal is always to give our best! That is why we use only pure and high-quality raw materials in dietary supplements produced and developed in Estonia, and all our products are created 100% based on NorVita’s original formulas. Our product developers work daily to create new products and improve existing ones, according to the demand of a specific market. All products are checked and certified by European Union authorities. NorVita’s production facility is inspected and registered by the FDA (food and drug administration). Our mission is to make a healthy lifestyle quick and effective for everyone!

The magic of spray vitamins is that they are suitable for use by everyone and are especially convenient to use for children and older people, who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. Our products are also suitable to use for pregnant women. However, it is good to know that our products are recommended to be used from the age of 3, as we use the sweetener steviol glycoside, i.e. a sweetener extracted from stevia leaves, instead of sugar to protect the teeth.

The majority of NorVita products are vegan and have therefore also received the Vegan Society certificate. Vegan vitamin D3 4000IU, vitamin D3 400IU for children and vitamin C+D liposomal gel are not exceptions, because vitamin D is mostly extracted from foods of animal origin. However, we have developed an oral vitamin D spray especially for vegans – Vegan D3 spray vitamin comes from lichen and is suitable for anyone who for any reason wants to avoid food and nutrients of animal origin.

It can indeed happen from time to time that after a few uses the product stops and then the sprayer becomes clogged. Fortunately, the solution is simple. In case of blockage, simply rinse the spray nozzle under warm water. If you see that the sprayer still does not work after rinsing under water, contact us at and we will surely find the best solution together.

We will post the goods within 1-2 working days, and then all you have to do is wait for the message that the package has arrived at the parcel machine of your choice.

Transport to the parcel machine costs €2.90. Free delivery within Estonia for orders from 35€ and within Europe for orders from 70€.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the option of picking up e-store orders ourselves. However, we are constantly developing our production and service design, and in the event that we can offer this service in the future, we will add the corresponding option to the list of possibilities for picking up your order yourself.

We will be happy to help you! Contact us at, describe your problem and together we will find the best solution to solve the situation.